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High Accuracy + Feature Detail

High-resolution printing with Industrial DLP Chips

DLP chips come in a variety of configurations, from industrial chips designed for 3D printing to less expensive chips intended for video projectors found in many offices. While some DLP print technologies choose to use these inexpensive chips to reduce costs, ETEC only uses true industrial DLP chips, which allow for higher contrast ratios, resulting in finer part details.



ETEC光学设计从地面为ETEC DLP打印过程. These optics are designed to reduce image distortion and ensure the maximum amount of energy is transferred from the LED light source to the resin.



To print continuously (without peeling) requires flowing oxygen through a permeable film just above the print bed to create a “dead zone”. Within this ‘dead zone’ the polymerization process is inhibited ensuring the layer being printed adheres to the layer above and not the printing bed film. This ‘dead zone’ is what enables continuous printing, 在那里构建板可以在Z轴上持续移动, leading to faster, more reliable prints.

On competitor “dead zone” printers, by comparison, 流动的氧气产生的气压使薄膜鼓起来. 在这个圆形表面上打印零件会极大地影响Z轴上的分辨率, 以及在印版上印刷平面零件的能力.

ETEC’s CLDM technology uses over 200,000 pillars to hold the film perfectly flat, resulting in significantly better Z-axis resolution and allowing for the printing of flat parts straight to the bed with no supports.

Smooth Surface Finish

Smooth surface finish with Pixel Shifting

Projectors deliver light in square-shaped pixels, which creates volumetric pixels, or voxels, as resin cures.

Along curved edges, 然而, square pixels create a jagged edge – what the industry often refers to as “stair stepping.”

As the size of printed objects and build volumes increase, stair stepping becomes more pronounced.

ETEC printers use patented pixel-shifting technology to move pixels at the edge of parts half a pixel in both the X and Y directions, cutting stair-stepping by half and delivering significantly improved surface finish.

Smooth surface finish with Pixel Tuning

Anti-aliasing technologies are ubiquitous today — used virtually everywhere digital images appear, from cell phones to TV screens and more.

ETEC brings the same technology to the 3D realm by using anti-aliasing techniques at the edge of print layers to improve surface finish. 因为体素是从部分的中心向边缘增长的, applying less power to these outside pixels ensures they only  grow to the desired edge of the part and not beyond. (Less power = slower polymerization growth)

Called pixel tuning, 这一过程极大地减少了部件边缘的像素化, 使表面光洁度几乎不需要后处理.



Most forms of DLP require each layer to be peeled off the film between each layer as the build plate moves up. As each layer is peeled, a small lip is formed on the part, which roughens the surface finish.

The patented CDLM process of the Envision One and top-down printing of the Xtreme 8K eliminate the need for peeling. With no peeling, lipping does not occur, 比其他DLP工艺有更好的表面光洁度. 

在自上而下的印刷过程中,零件完全浸没在树脂中. With the parts supported by the resin, fewer support structures are needed, 最终得到更好的表面光洁度.

High Throughput

High throughput via Large Build Volumes

With a variety of build volumes, ETEC DLP打印机能够打印各种各样的零件尺寸, 从大型的单个部件到单个构建中的小型部件的高容量.

因为构建时间完全依赖于z轴高度, having large build volumes in the X- and Y-axes allow for potentially thousands of parts to be printed at once, in the same time required to print one part.

High throughput via Faster Polymerization

DLP build times are determined by Z-axis height because much of the print time is related to the time it takes to cure, or polymerize, each layer.

ETEC’s DLP technology enables the fastest layer polymerization through the use of the highest-power projectors and a highly efficient optical train.

By allowing for shorter exposure times per layer, ETEC系统最终提供更短的打印时间和更高的吞吐量.


High throughput via CDLM or Top-Down Printing



Many forms of DLP require each layer to be peeled off the film as the build plate moves up between layers. 这种剥落需要时间,而且必须慢慢进行,以确保零件不被损坏.

The patented CDLM process of the Envision One and top-down printing of the Xtreme 8K eliminate the need for peeling, 减少每层打印所需的时间和整体打印时间.

High throughput via Lights-Out Manufacturing



充分利用您的ETEC DLP系统的高吞吐量, 24/7 manufacturing designed to rival the volumes of traditionally-manufactured plastic parts.

An automated system for lights-out manufacturing and a dashboard for monitoring all operations and remote control of each machine, further increase uptime for each system.


Superior Part Properties


For decades, 聚合物3D打印已被用于原型和模具的应用, 但这项技术尚未广泛应用于最终用途零件的生产.

One key to unlocking those end-use applications is the ability to create long-chain molecules in printed parts, 从而显著提高了材料的性能, 包括各向同性强度——这是许多最终用途部件的关键因素.

ETEC printers and the DLP process include a number of hardware features – including high-powered projectors, custom-designed optics that minimize power loss– ensuring the creation of those long-chain molecules.


各向同性的材料特性对于最终用途的部件是至关重要的, 但直到最近,聚合物3D打印还很难实现.

With FDM printing, 每一层之间形成的化学键不是化学键,而是很弱的机械键, resulting in anisotropic properties, 或者在Z轴上比在X或Y轴上有更大的弱点. 这种一致性的缺乏长期以来一直使FDM部件无法作为最终用途部件使用.

With DLP printing, by comparison, each layer is left in a slightly uncured state, 让它在打印时能与下一层化学键合. 这种结合有助于在各个部分形成长链聚合物, resulting in truly isotropic parts which are strong enough for end-use applications, and rival the properties of injection molded parts.

Superior part properties with 385nm Wavelength

All UV-curable resins require the addition of photoinitiators to start the polymerization process. Resins cured with 385-nm wavelength light require significantly less than many other materials, because the 385-nm wavelength is where absorption peaks for most common photoinitiators.  Limiting the amount of photoinitiator in a part is particularly important for clear materials, 因为较高浓度的光引发剂会导致部分泛黄. 

Quality Materials


ETEC is determined to provide its customers with the best materials in the 3D printing industry. 去做, they utilize a world-class material science team to produce ETEC-exclusive materials, and partner with world-leading material suppliers. 打印机系统被设计成有选择性的开放,给用户灵活性.

Quality materials via 190+ qualified materials

With more than 190 materials, 从硬塑料到高性能弹性体再到高温材料, ETEC的材料组合可以满足最广泛的应用.

Quality materials that break the stigma of resins

尽管它们已经印刷了几十年, resins have long been stigmatized as brittle and possessing mechanical properties that deteriorate quickly. 新一代的树脂正在出现以消除这种耻辱, and open the door to a host of new applications.

The superior properties delivered by this new generation of resins includes vital features for end use parts, 包括随着时间的推移保持稳定的机械性能, 高陶瓷填充材料,增加韧性和改善表面光洁度, and high-temperature materials without brittleness, which are ideal for demanding environments.

In addition to those materials, ETEC offers resins with high wax content, 使其成为铸造珠宝和其他产品的理想选择.

Easy To Use

Easy to use Software-Controlled Workflow


The software that powers all ETEC printers, Envision One Rapid Prototype (RP) simplifies the process of setting up and starting a print.

With optimized support strategies for every material and automatic part orientation calculation, Envision One RP helps ensure printing success. For users who want more control over prints, 该软件允许手动编辑一系列支持参数, including tip thickness, beam thickness, beam spacing and more.


Easy to use Fast Material Switching


在短短几分钟内,可以在ETEC的190多种材料之间进行切换, 用户可以根据具体的应用定制他们的材料选择.

All ETEC materials come in a single pot, with no two-pot mixing required, 简化了向打印机中添加树脂的过程.

While the short shelf life of many competitor resins means they must be used within hours of being opened, 所有ETEC材料的保质期都超过一年, ensuring no material ever goes to waste.


· Materials

The Right Materials For any Application


Hard Plastics



High Temperature Plastics

With ETEC’s family of high temperature plastics, you get excellent mechanical properties with the added benefits of high heat deflection temperatures (HDT) and materials meeting aerospace vertical burn and FST standards.



With ETEC’s family of elastomers, you get access to the toughest printed elastomers on the market with a range of hardnesses and elongations.


Castable Resins

Resins designed for high-quality castings, 提供复杂的特点和无缝铸造过程.

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